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$$$ range- 50k-5M

Pts- 3-6 pts

Interest rates- 12-16%

Terms- 6-12 months

Non conventional


investor information


If you are an investor and are interested in earning a safe return that can be as high as 8%-10% a month, please inquire at our main number and someone will explain our investment program and how it works. 

With the current market and lending environment, the private money niche will be the fastest growing in the next few years with regards to investors since the banks are tightening up.  The stock market is struggling, as are bonds, and people are beginning to realize that regardless of the fact that real estate has leveled off, there is no better investment than real estate for multiple reasons.  Who better to invest with than a company who has the experience with raising and preserving investor capital. 

We are looking for investors to invest between $10K - $1M each for a new private money fund that will be solely geared towards lending on properties and projects that have the ability to attain exit financing and will not be leveraged more than 60%-63% LTV. This is a healthy way to make a spectacular return that is secured with not only real estate, but also with the expertise and knowledge of an industry professional