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$$$ range- 50k-5M

Pts- 3-6 pts

Interest rates- 12-16%

Terms- 6-12 months

Non conventional




The Brucker Group, LLC is a privately held Real Estate Investment company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA.  The Brucker Group, LLC focuses its business operations in the development, construction rehabilitation, and property and project management of real estate through its two subsidiaries - TBG Properties & Development, LLC and Brucker Management Company.  Through our extensive knowledge The Brucker Group, LLC is able to grow and manage its own portfolio and those of investors, private equity funds, and hedge funds who have properties and projects they need managed as well. 

The Brucker Group, LLC is focused on providing investors with the best return on their investment at the most efficient cost and timeline.  We're able to do this because we have consistently and aggressively continued to buy investments at discounts, or at great terms, and resell them for substantial profit, or keep and enjoy their healthy cap rate.  We also handle the complexities surrounding extremely profitable investments. 

We locate residential and commercial real estate investment properties for investors as well as for ourselves.  Our extensive experience in negotiating for both purchase and resale of residential and commercial properties yield significant profits.

The majority of our business is focused on producing substantial returns in commercial and residential real estate.  We also occasionally joint venture with private equity funds, hedge funds, accredited investors and other investment companies (lenders) to provide either equity or resources to complete projects for a substantial yield.


Our Mission Statement


To operate our business in the most ethical way while providing our investors an exceptional profit on solid investments.

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If you are a serious investor or investment co of some kind and have any questions or comments regarding selling us your investment property or need us to manage a property, or manage a project, contact The Brucker Group to find out more about the services we can provide.